Legal notices

Terms and Conditions

  • By completing this booking form, you are in agreement to the booking instructions on the registration form, Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy for FICWTM2017.
  • Bookings or changes will not be accepted by telephone. Cancellations and or changes must be sent in writing to the registration desk at
  • There is no refund for non-attendance.
  • A name change on a paid registration will be accepted up to two weeks before the event.
  • All fees/rates are quoted in Euro €, all bank transfer fees/charges are the responsibility of the delegate.
  • No booking will be confirmed in full until payment is received in full.
  • Any refunds that must be processed by bank transfer are subject to a €50 handling fee.
  • Participants are requested to have their own travel insurance in place (to cover medical, cancellation and all other risks associated) and are responsible for all travel arrangements including visa applications if required.
  • Committees will not be held liable for any loss or damage of personal items of attendees or injury caused at any venue used in connection with the event.
  • The organisers reserve the right to alter any of the programme or other arrangements for this conference; including cancellation or postponement of the event should unforeseen circumstances require it. The organisers accept no responsibility for resulting costs or inconvenience to participants in this case.
  • The organisers do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience or costs due to non-availability of booked accommodation, tours or social events. Alternate arrangements will be made in the event of unavailability, or monies received will be refunded to participants if suitable alternatives cannot be provided.
  • Note that the conference and all social events/tours and activities have not been planned with children/minors in attendance and must be flagged to the conference office prior to making any booking arrangements. We may cancel your ticket should prior notice not be advised.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations and or changes must be sent in writing to the registration desk at and will not be accepted by telephone.
  • There is no refund for non-attendance.
  • A name change on a paid registration will be accepted two weeks before the conference.
    Cancellation of a booked item refers to complete and or part-cancellation and or adjustment/cancellation of accommodation dates based on the specifics to follow:

Registration/Conference Attendance Cancellation Policy
This includes all items
Before 31st March 2017 = 50% refund for cancelled

After 31st March 2017 = No refund for cancelled registrations
All cancellations that are subject to a refund will have an immediate €50 administration fee deducted.

Privacy Policy

  • The registered party/attendee agrees for their details to be included in the list of participants for official use by the conference organisers. You will receive regular communication by email of programme and congress updates.
  • Your registrations details are collected by event office for FICWTM2017 Your details will be provided to the organisers and any other partner organisations for the conference and used for confirming your booking details such as validating your membership status, hotel/tours, exhibition and sponsorship programme updates and all other events related to the event. Your contact details will not be sold to any 3rd person.
  • Should you wish not to receive these correspondences, please contact stating your request.
  • During the course of the event should any live webcasts, videos and or photos be taken of participants attending various event, by attending the event, you will be accepting that these photos may be used in all future event marketing activity and the organisers.



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